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The history



Feb.The launch of 4 kinds of I’m Alive Kombucha PETs.

Mar.Entered 7 Eleven.
Entered Big Market. 

Apr.The formal joining with the International Kombucha Association.
The amount of the sales of kombucha in the first half of the year surpassed 1.5 million bottles.


Feb.The launch of the Smoothie King Kombucha PB brand.

Apr.The launch of the Coupang Kombucha PB brand.

Sep.Entered Olive Young.
The launch of the Peacock Kombucha PB brand.
The launch of the Amway PB brand.

Oct.Entered the store of A Twosome Place.
The completion of the construction of the Iksan Factory./The completion of the PET Line.

Dec.The renewal of the company mall of I’m Alive Kombucha.

The birth of a kombucha brand
‘I’m Alive Kombucha’.

Good food begins from the good raw materials.  Regarding the raw materials of I’m Alive Kombucha, only the premium green tea and black tea of the Jeju Osulloc Farm, of which the quality receives the recognition globally, are used.  By containing the technological ability that is I’m Alive’s only in these good raw materials, the kombucha that can be trusted and drunk by the customers has been made.


Jan.Entered the stores of E-Mart Everyday, SSG Food Market, and PK Market.

Mar.Entered E-Mart Traders, Hyundai Department Store, and Lotte Department Store.

Apr.Entered the Apgujeong Galleria Department Store.
Launched the Binggrae PB brand.

Jul.Launched the EDIYA PB brand.
Entered Coupang Social Commerce.

Sep.Entered the Lotte Mart.

Oct.Entered the Mega Mart.


Jul.The technological affiliations with Core Bio & Buchi Kombucha.

Sep.The completion of the construction of the Iksan Factory of Core Bio.

Nov.Acquired the organic farming certification and the HACCP certification.

For the very first time in Asia!  The completion of the construction of the largest-sized kombucha manufacturing factory. 

With the highest-technology kombucha production facility of which the construction was completed by carrying out a large-sized facility investment at the Iksan National Food Cluster, by being affiliated with the technology of the company Buchi in the United States, and, through the unrivaled fermenting technology ability in the industry, the productions of the innovative products that have the diverse tastes and functions began. 


The establishment of Core Bio Co., Ltd., which is a production corporation specializing in kombucha.


The affiliation with the United States Capital Kombucha.


Nov.The recognition as a corporation-affiliated research center in November.

Dec.The recognition as a venture corporation in December. 


The separation of the Food Business Department (Nonsan, Eumseong Factory)

The takeover of the Food Business Department by Freshico Co., Ltd. (Representative Director- Hwang, Jin-soo) and the new departure as a food-specializing corporation. 

The new departure as a food-specializing corporation. 

Based on the process technology and the quality competitiveness that had been materialized through over 30 years, in order to contribute to the customer satisfaction even more by making the good foods, it made a new departure as a food-specializing corporation.


Mar.The livestock products (The egg processing) HCCP certification.

Aug.The completion of the construction of the Eumseong Factory. 


Aug.The Inno Biz certification.

Sep.The jams HACCP certification.
The venture corporation certification.


Jul.The installation of the China Office.

Sep.The establishment of the Corporation-affiliated Research Institute.


The change of the company name to PDA Co., Ltd. 


Mar.The commendation by the Minister of Finance and Economy.

Jun.The takeover of the Nonsan Factory.


The takeover of the Yongin Factory.


The establishment of the corporation as Dongyang Agricultural and Fisheries Co., Ltd.

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